A very informative bit of information regarding things you need to know as a burning tobacco smoker.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello! Dawn here and today’s blog is more a summery. A summery of what? Well I am sure you have heard me say I search the internet all the time for new content. I have seen the page we are going to go over many times. I have even used some of this information in past blogs. What I have never done is brought you the information in 1 laid out blog post. I am going to correct that today. The page in questions…..The CDC’s Stats on burning tobacco here in the good old US of A. 🙂 Let’s see what they have to say about it.

The first bit of information this page goes over is a topic burning tobacco is known for: Sickness and Death.

Take a look and see what they have to say. ⇓


The next bit of information available on this CDC page is one that hurts me to read. What I wouldn’t give to have all the $$ Money I have thrown away to big tobacco. And that type of cost is not even the tip of the ice burg. Check it out 🙁 ⇓


Before I let you leave for the day I want to share one last snip-it of information from the CDC page, Which by the way if you would like to see the entire web page CLICK HERE. This last snip here is in regards to the usage rate here in America. Some of the figures are a bit mind blowing to me. See for yourself. ⇓


Well that’s what the CDC has to say. Check out there website for more valuable information and if you have questions drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting!!



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