Is the national age to purchase burning tobacco going to get raised to 21?

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey all it is me, Dawn again. Before we get started today I want to reiterate that when I talk about stuff like we are talking about today, please check my facts! I will always try to be 100% with you but like today, I am only reporting information back to you that I find on the web. I try to find respectable sources, I really like .Gov sites. But I am just me, Dawn and I am just cruising around the web learning about everything e-cigarette or regulation related.

Today’s  blog for instance is on some rumors I keep hearing about the age of smoking being raised to 21. Well I went to my trusty google, and started researching. This is what I can find, but check facts if you think I am mistaken and by all means PLEASE let me know!! I want this blog to always be as accurate as possible.

One of the articles that first caught my eye has this headline:

Senate Democrats propose ‘smoking age’ of 21

This article claims that:


So I have a starting point, or at least more questions than answers here. This article also said one other thing of importance before I move on to the next one. ⇓


You can see then that even if you’r state age is 18 IF the federal goes 21 your state probably will have to as well. This article looks pretty legit too because It offers a link to the bill itself.⇓

While I was looking around I found a lot of information about some states beating them to the punch though. Here is a list of articles on a couple of those states.

“Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to raise smoking age to 21”

California Senate votes to raise smoking age to 21

Some states are even supporting it at a federal level according to this article.

Mass. senators support raise of national smoking age to 21

So again, I am just internet surfing here folks, but I have to say with all the bad press burning tobacco has earned over the years. This is not something that is hard to conceive. I am betting it garners a fair amount of support.

We at A Clean Cigarette never really support big government or strict regulations. That being said, we would rather only sell to people over 21. WE already only sell to over 18, but really if we could get younger smokers to just STOP every form of nicotine delivery, we would. We NEVER sell to a non-smoker regardless of their age. Big tobacco does a fine job at getting people hooked on nicotine, they do not need our help.

Well that is all from me tonight. I hope this information is at least a bit useful! Have a great day and thank you so much for visiting today! If you have any questions about anything e-cig related, drop me a line at!



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