Since Cigarettes are obviously terrible for your health, why are so many health official against an alternative like Electronic Cigarettes?


Dawn here. I have to say it is really frustrating some days for me. Most of you who visit this blog on a regular or even semi regular basis know that I tend to scour the internet looking for content on electronic cigarettes. Some times I find great little gems of information to pass on like the ones found HERE, in my past blog about what Dot Gov sites have to say on electronic cigarettes for real. Or the post found HERE on the report released by London Public Health that claims e-cigarettes are up to %95  less harmful then burning tobacco.

Some times on my internet trek I learn things about Tar and other burning tobacco related issues that I share with you in the form of these blogs. For examples click Here or Here. The information is truly worth the read. (I may be bias but I really believe what I am saying here.)  Most times while I am looking around I am fairly happy with what I see, but every now and them something leaves me scratching my head.

For instance, check out the title of this Blog post I found:

“You’re Bullsh!tting Yourself: A Pharmacist’s Review Of E-Cigarette Safety”

You see when I see a headline like this one I have to see what it is about. So I clicked on it, and imagine my surprise to find the quote below in his answer to all the feed back he received from publishing this.


The issue I have with all this is that it is a bit of a flip flop from what his original blog said.


How can these 2 statements come from the same source? They are Exactly opposite of each other. But the mis-information and confusing message does not end there. Take a look at this Image snipped off his blog. (Most likely not his image I have seen it around in a million places. )


This picture is just strait out wrong. It is certainly misleading. I have multiple lab analysis available on our e-cigarettes and I can tell you that none of the stuff under the Vapor category is in MOST electronic cigarettes and definitely not in ours. Certainly not any brand that plans to stay in business for long. Click Here for the Lab.  And as for the Nitrosamines mentioned in the Cartridges category. Yes, I won’t lie. The full name is Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines (TSN’s). It finds its way into e-cigarettes via the Nicotine (so 0 nicotine versions would not contain them) HOWEVER according too THIS systematic review which is published on our very own National Institute of Health’s web site, the typical e-cigarette is 1800 times lower in TSN’s then just 1 burning cigarette.

That is only in the nicotine ingredient too. That does not even count how much better it could be for you to NOT get the other 600 ingredients found in a burning tobacco cigarette! We have never claimed to be better than clean air. We know better than that. But I cannot figure out why we are not allowed to say that we are better than Burning tobacco when our own NIH publishes studies like the one above!


I won’t say much on the silly formaldehyde claim. There was a study most of us know about where they hooked an e-cigarette up to a HUGE power source which created a burning in the product that does not happen in most E-cigarettes. That’s pure propaganda right there.  I mean we know Fire causes Formaldehyde, but with E-cigarettes, nothings’ Burnin! That’s kinda the whole point behind e-cigarettes right?

So I guess my point is that it’s not hard to see why so many people in the medical profession are confused about the value and harm level in an e-cigarette. When every one and their brothers friend, who once worked in a place, that may have said something, regarding something, put mis-information out with out even being sure of their own opinions on the subject. Which seems evident to me based on the Flip Flop we saw in the beginning of this post.

Please understand that every thing I say here is in regards to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. I can not and will not speak for what is in other e-cigarette brands. We encourage people to do research and learn about e-cigarettes before they make the switch, but please be sure to get your information from good sources. I do not just mean take our word for it either. There are a ton of great resources for true information on electronic cigarettes. If you are interested in learning more, you can either take a peek at some of the great information available in other blog post on here, just hit the home button there is plenty to explore or check out

Well that’s my rant for today! I am really thankful for each and every visitor to this blog. Please, feel free to comment or if you have questions or something you would like to see me write on just drop me a line to As always you are very appreciated! I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!



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