What a Weekend!! :)

logoshadow1Hello world! Dawn here and I have to say it has been one hectic and exciting weekend over here! If you are from the Flint Michigan area or really any where near that area then you know that this weekend was the 2015 Bikes on Bricks event. This annual event brings bike clubs of all kinds together with the state and lol motorcycle police. as far as community growing, this event is it folk. We had a BALL too. Meeting and talking to local people right in their back yard is what events areĀ all about. This event did not let me down either. We met and spoke to hundreds of amazing community members including but not limited to bikers, locals and police officers. It was spectacular.

Being spectacular is nothing new for Bikes on Bricks though. Every year this event seems to get better and better. This year however there was an additional heart warming and honorable reason for everyone that participated to take a moment and appreciate our community here in Michigan and the police force that represents it. This years Bike on Bricks was in honor of 2 of our fallen Hero’s.


It is an amazing honor to be a part of an event like this one and we hare at A Clean Cigarette are proud to display the beautiful sponsorship trophy that we were presented with. Being a part of the community and having the opportunity to sponsor an event that means as much as this one does is a huge part of who we are at A Clean Cigarette. If you are interested in coming to see us at any of our upcoming events check out our event calendar HERE. I am at most events and would LOVE to see some of you there!


Take a peek at some of the great pics from this event and thanks for stopping in today!!




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