Without our amazing customers, we could not be us! Everything we do, we do with that in mind!

logoshadow1Hello out there, Dawn here. How was every ones weekend? I am hoping amazing and burning tobacco-free?!?  I spent a large part of my weekend trying to learn Pinterest. Yes, I know most people have been using services like that for years and I am way behind the times. I am trying to catch up, please, have patience with me!! Thank the Heavens for my co-worker and team mate Ms. Tabs from our Lapeer, Mi. store location. She has a good start on the Pinterest sight and has been helping me with some of my rather silly questions!  Thanks to her amazing help and foresight we are proud to announce the A Clean Cigarette Pinterest Page! Click Here, for a direct link. It is still under construction, but I promise it will be great by the time we are done with it!

UPDATE This awesome woman Ms, Tabitha who created our Pinterest is no longer with us and can not be found at our Lapeer store. No worries though she has moved on to a bright future and we are super proud to have been on her team!

Between the new website, this blog, our updated yelp and google + pages and our increased presence on Face Book it feels like A Clean Cigarette is finally getting on the social media band wagon. Many people may wonder what has taken us so long, and we understand, but we did this very much on purpose. I made mention of the way in one of my recent post that can be found HERE. To sum it up though, we wanted to have all of our ducks in a row to give amazing on-line customer service before we jumped on the on-line bandwagon.

Our brick and mortar customers have come to except a very high level of service, and they should. We want ever costumer regardless of how close they live to one of our many stores to feel like they are appreciated, because they are. Getting involved with the national market via on-line made no sense to us if we could not do the job well. Our customers are very worth the extra effort. Here are a couple of examples of what brick and mortar customers have to say about our customer service:

Anthony K. ~ “The staff at A Clean Cigarette have been a major support system to me in my quest to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. I would strongly recommend any smokers to give A Clean Cigarette a try and begin a new path.”

Michelle C. ~ “Great service is what helped me quit smoking. Their knowledge and tips made it easier to adjust to A CLEAN CIGARETTE. These guys are very friendly and I always look forward to stopping in the store (~”

Michael M. ~ “I do not usually leave reviews for products but since I have had so much success with this product I thought I would. I have tried off and on to quit smoking for 7 years, but always went back. This is the first product that I have tried that has kept me from smoking. I have now been using the Clean Cigarette for about a year. I started with the 24mg cartridge to get away from my one pack a day habit and it did the trick. I then stepped down and I am now using 14mg regularly. I love the fact that I am no longer coughing at all and that I do not smell like cigarette smoke. The flavors that they provide are very good. I have tried finding e-liquids online but they all ended up tasting cheap and gave an odd aftertaste. Nothing compared to the flavors at A Clean Cigarette. I am currently using the Menthol Grass flavor and I love it. I would describe it as minty menthol. The staff at both the Larch and Elmwood locations are always very friendly and helpful. I have never had a problem getting in and out if I am in a rush. If you are trying to quit smoking I would highly recommend giving it a try. I have already bought a couple of kits for two of my friends. It’s the only thing that has worked for me.”

And then there is this one which is a screen print of our A Clean Cigarette FaceBook page and a conversation we had there with the amazing Ms. Amanda White!

Amanda the best

So if this is the type of care our customers are used to how could we possibly jump right on to the internet with out taking care of them 1st? I think it is going well too. take a look ⇓ to see what our customer Ronald here as to say about the new internet presence in this review left for us also on our FB page.


We are glad that you like it Ron! We love hearing from all of our customers so Ron if you come here to this blog and see this, as a thank you for your comment we would like to offer you a free cartridge. Just say Dawn sent you from the internet and they will hook you right up!

If you have thoughts or comments you would like to share with us please do! Our customers say what we cannot. We appreciate every voice that has been raised to support A Clean Cigarette! If you want to check out our on-line store go to our website at acleancigarette.com. If you have ANY, and I mean ANY, thoughts, questions, concerns or information to share, drop me a line at AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will personally respond as soon as possible! Thank you so much for stopping in today and keep checking back for some of the updates we will be adding to our on-line services!  Thank you!!! Rock on!



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