A logical look at the basics. Why switch? How to switch!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hello! Dawn here again, happy Monday! Mondays are rarely noted as a great day. I hope that can at least get you, even on a Monday, to crack a smile with this blog. 🙂 Today we are going back to basics. By that I mean we are going to chat about why making the switch, just makes sense. I tend to go off on random e-cigarette related issues. Recently it has occurred to me that it has been quite a while since we just talked about what making the switch is really about.  Some of you already know this stuff, others may not. If you do and you still have loved ones that have not made the switch, could you please pass this on to them? 5 minutes of reading may be life changing! If you have not made the switch and are looking for real information to help you decide if making the switch is right for you, please read on. You may find that 5 minutes could change your life.

First let’s talk about What making the switch means. It is really not complicated. As a smoker I liked certain parts of my burning tobacco,such as the Nicotine. I did not like other parts of the burning tobacco. So let’s start with Nicotine. Here is a quick question to get you thinking. ⇓

all nicotine

Crazy eh? There is actually a fair amount of nicotine in the ketchup you have in your fridge! Here is another question to keep you thinking.

delivery systems

Okay so if chewing tobacco, burning tobacco, pharmaceutical quit aids and electronic cigarettes all deliver nicotine. Then they are all forms of nicotine delivery systems. So take a look at this fun quote from Mitchell Zeller who was the director for the FDA’s tobacco products task force. ⇓


Alright so if all them items are delivery systems, and it’s the delivery system that is a huge part of the health issue then doesn’t this ⇓ just seem logical?


In “The truth behind TAR” post. We really had a chance to learn some valuable information on tar and it’s damaging effects. Click the picture to check it out.

It seems logical to me. It seems so logical in fact, that I made the switch after 24+ years as a burning tobacco user. Now I still get my nicotine, I just gave up the other 4000 + chemicals, 600 ingredients and tar. Just to remind us about tar take a look at this tar ridden smokers lung!

That’s it, that is the entirety of what making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes are all about. Updating nicotine delivery systems.

Does that mean there are no dangers with nicotine? Of course not! When ingested the stuff is strait out toxic. It is also addictive. There are all kinds of news articles talking about how e-cigarettes are as addictive as burning tobacco. We can not argue, they both have nicotine. Our e-cigarettes do not have the nutmeg and other additives that can make things even MORE addictive than nicotine already does, but they do have nicotine. Remember, nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you. I never smoked because I thought it was good for me, I just want my nicotine!

Click to find our on-line store with free fast shipping to all 50 states!
Click to find our on-line store with free fast shipping to all 50 states!

Now that we have the what, we need the how! How can you make the switch? It’s really easy. The best thing to do is come down to any of our brick and mortar locations. (Click here for a complete location list!) If you can not come down to a store, no worries. We can still help! Just click the pic to the left here for a direct link to our on line store. You can also check out our website at acleancigarette.com. Feel free to drop me e-mails to AccAnswers@gmail.com if you need help or have questions! I am always willing to go the extra mile for you! Below is a chart to help you determine which nicotine level would be best to start with based on your current burning tobacco habit! I hope you find it helpful!

usage chart1

Thank you so much for letting me touch on the basics today! I really appreciate every person who stops in to this blog. If you could help us spread the word by either sharing this blog or simply liking our Face Book page, that would be amazing!  Direct access to our FB page can be found near the top of the right hand side bar on this page! Thank you again!



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