Never put off ’till tomorrow the things you can accomplish TODAY!

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Today I am going to publish one such suggestion/idea that I received from that email address. When I started reading it I just knew it was perfect for us πŸ™‚ This came in from one of my fellow team members here at A Clean Cigarette. Although not signed it came out of our Larch Street, Lansing location. I hope you get as much out of it as I have!


Take it away Larch Street!


Definition of Procrastination According to Webster’s Dictionary:

To put off intentionally and habitually. To put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.

We all do it, every single day. We put things off ’till some future date. Have you ever done this? It’s January, and you make a decision to quit using combustible tobacco cigarettes. Your family is behind you, you know there is an alternative out there, and it’s a big step you say to yourself. Then you get a phone call inviting you to a shindig, and you forget about making that decision a reality. So you put it off for another day.Β Β  This is PROCRASTINATION


Definition of Rationalization According to Webster’s Dictionary:

To find a believable excuse for something.

Then you start thinking… This will probably cost too much, I don’t think I have the willpower to switch, what if I can’t find anything I like? I’ll just forget the whole thing. I don’t want to be the only one with an electronic cigarette in my circle of friends, what will they think?


Here at A Clean Cigarette we have some ideas on how you can curb your procrastination and answers so you don’t have to make up rationalizations to help you make the switch to No tobacco, No tar and No STINK!
Remind yourself – there’s always more to be done than you can get done. So ask yourself… are you getting the RIGHT things done? (Switching from burning tobacco is the RIGHT thing.)

Make a to-do list and set a deadline. (We can help you on your journey to become BURNING TOBACCO FREE with A.C.C.)

Break the task down so you are not overwhelmed. Set small goals first and then move on to larger ones. (Give us a try for at least 2 weeks without any tobacco use. You most likely will not even want burning tobacco after that!)

Remove temptation. (Get rid of your combustible tobacco cigarettes. That includes your “just in case” pack)

Focus on the success you will have. (We are here to help you be successful)
Come up with a consequence that will stop you from avoiding the task. (If you backslide into tobacco use you can’t buy yourself that new outfit or go to the movies)

Ask someone to help you complete the task. (We’re here to help. All of our A Clean Cigarette team members are former burning tobacco smokers and have all kinds of tips and tricks that may help you. Even the other customers in our stores have great ideas!)

Make your intentions public. A little bit of embarrassment is a great motivator to keep ourselves accountable. (We won’t embarrass you. We have rewards for being tobacco free. At A Clean Cigarette we pride ourselves on being a judgment free zone.)

And remember the old adage:

Never put off ’till tomorrow the things you can accomplish TODAY!

Thank you Larch Street! These are really good points and great tips! Again, I hope you my readers have gotten as much out of this spectacular write up as I have! The thing is whether you go to our Larch location or any of our other 19 locations you will get tips and tricks like this every single step of the way! It’s what we do and it’s how we roll. πŸ˜‰

fighting procrastination concept - do it phrase on color sticky notes posted on a cork bulletin boardThank you so much for hanging out with me for this blog post! I hope to see you again. If you are ready to stop rationalizing and procrastinating about making the switch click HERE to find our online store or better yet, come on in to our brick and mortar locations! I hope to see you soon!



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