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Hey all, it’s Dawn again. So recently we have talked a lot about what regulations and statements may be coming down from the FDA and other government agencies. Today I think that we should talk about how we at A Clean Cigarette stand on these issues. At least some of them.


1st: No sales or use for under 18: We agree.

State and Federal officials are looking at this one. They should be. Nicotine delivery is not intended for kids so why would we not want this regulation? This one seems logical. So much so in fact, we have self-regulated ourselves right from the beginning. We do not sell to minors.

Another part of this topic is child-safe packaging and protective covers on liquid nicotine. It is hard to argue with this point so we won’t. Yes, nicotine is deadly with as little as one teaspoon when ingested by a small child. Not putting protective packaging on here would just be irresponsible.

2nd: They want more research: We agree to a point.

What we don’t see eye to eye on. – We think that there is a HUGE amount of evidence that e-cigarettes may help people quit smoking. We KNOW that some people can at least switch their delivery methods to get off burning tobacco and onto e-cigarettes. We know this because our customers tell us, repeatedly. So as far as it being as useful at minimum as a burning tobacco harm reduction device, it should be allowed to be said in our opinion, but currently it is not. We can state facts and quote reports, but we cannot tell you that it can do anything more than eliminate the flame and tar. We hear all the time that there is not enough proof that e-cigarettes will work as a smoking cessation tool, but if any tool works for even one person to get them away from breathing in deadly tar and burning tobacco shouldn’t it at least be considered? It seems logical since we have had so many customers tell us that it worked, and that there are lots of available studies that say e-cigarettes are at least as good as pharmaceutical delivery methods. This is something that many officials and us just do not see eye to eye on.  For now, we are more like a hobby product, but that actually brings me to the part we agree with them on.

What part we agree on. – We don’t think this should be a hobby product. The reputable studies that have been done seem promising, but nothing you inhale besides clean air is good for you. So, yes more studies need to be done on long-term effects, and they are being done. These studies take time, and until then vapor products should not be used by non-smokers. At least that is how we feel about it. Why risk it? I mean, we really hope these things are exactly what they seem to be, and the fact is they do not have tar or anything that is on fire. So there is that going for them, but if it’s not guaranteed safe why start it as a habit? Not wanting people to use it as a hobby is why we keep our flavor selection so small. It’s also why we self-regulated in order to not sell nicotine to people that tell us they do not smoke burning tobacco.

3rd: Classification as tobacco – We do not agree.

We think that the lack of fire and tar combined with the massive difference in ingredients makes us very different. Burning tobacco has over 600 ingredients and produces 4000+ chemicals, most of which are due to it being lit on fire. We have 5 and are not lit on fire. When people switch off a product like burning tobacco that costs the public healthcare system billions they should not then get punished with any form of sin taxes because of how they chose to do so.

We of course agree with paying sales tax for these products, but its almost criminal and definitely morally wrong  to punish people for trying to improve their lives. Sin taxing this would be like applying sin tax to organic food sales in an effort to help keep profits high for large commercial farming businesses. Or like taxing electric cars because people may no longer pay gas tax. It seems questionable, and it’s counter-productive to say the very least. If people are trying to do good for themselves health wise shouldn’t the path be made clear instead of stocked full of obstacles? It’s that simple.

A quote from one of my favorite documents available on NIH.Gov really says a lot.                           (EC=E-cigarettes)

“any regulatory decisions should not compromise the variability of choices for consumers and should make sure that ECs are more easily accessible compared with their main competitor, the tobacco cigarette. Consumers deserve, and should make, informed decisions and research will definitely promote this.”

Although we have talked about a lot here, we have really only barely touched on these subjects. At A Clean Cigarette we are waiting and watching to see how things fall. It’s hard to say which direction things will go. As soon as we know, you will know. If until that time you have any thoughts or questions please give me a shout at AccAnswer@gmail.com. If you would like more information on making the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes then check out our amazing web site at acleancigarette.com! Remember, Nothings Burning!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog! We could not be us without customers like you!




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