Day 2 of our 1st month look back for the blog! Recap!


Hey there! Dawn here ๐Ÿ™‚ Welcome! I am so glad you are here. We are mid-celebration for our 1 month blog birthday. That means for the last month I have been typing away here at this blog hoping to inform and entertain great people like YOU! Yesterday, I did a look back at the first half of the month’s post, but there was an awful lot of information shared with you this past month. Recapping the entire month in one blog would have just been too long for me to expect anyone to read all the way through. I appreciate you coming to check this out, and would never want you to stop being interested due to me posting huge, long posts. So that being said, I decided to break this up into two posts, and here is the 2nd. ๐Ÿ˜›

cleanineWhen we left off with our last post, we had just went over the post from mid July regarding cleaning your house out of tar and stink after you have made the switch to A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. We understand how hard it can be to decontaminate and we wanted to help. Click Here to find some tips and tricks!

We also had a chance to chat about the negative side effects from e-cigs that we hear reported by our customers. If you are interested in checking those side effects out Click Here.

One of the best posts I had the opportunity to do in July was when we let the customers have the stage. Reading through all the amazing things our customers have to say just reminded me why I am so excited to be a part of the A Clean Cigarette team. See what I mean HERE! That lead us into our blog about the recent uptick in nicotine poisoning due to open vials of liquid nicotine. I actually went on the channel 10 news, and had an opportunity to share not only with you, but also with every one watching the 6pm news! So exciting, Click Here to read the article or visit our FB Page to see the video clip ๐Ÿ™‚

SmokaversaryThe next two post were extremely informative. The first being a breakdown of how burning tobacco really effects the body (here) and a complete break down of how you can save about half the cost of smoking by making the switch (here). Yes, you heard that right, save money and get away from burning tobacco. It’s really amazing.

We did a poll this month too, and we are hearing from customers like you. The best way to help us help you is by letting us hear your voice.ย Click here to go to the complete poll, and here is an additional poll question I would really appreciate hearing from you on!

While the 1st poll page has some issues due to my lack of experience, I promise to do better next time! Our very own Eddie from our podcast channel found HERE had a self-improvement rant about that same time. Click here to see what this incredible man has to say about life and attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚

what-do-you-thinkWe get a lot of questions not only about e-cigarettes in general, but also about our name. A Clean Cigarette definitely raises eyebrows. So I did 2 posts, one to answer our most commonly asked questions found Here and one to explain the name thing found Here. The education did not stop there though. In our next post we talked about the little hairs that line your lungs called Cilia, and what burning tobacco does to those very important tiny hairs.

All information and no play is no fun! So for three posts we took a break from real information to share some enjoyment. We did arts and crafts for instance with all the leftover useless ashtrays people have laying around after the switch. For some ideas look here. We also started a Vine account, and have been having a ball with that. Be sure to check us out on Vine to share in the fun. Here is a little peek. โ‡“

The third post was about the family that is A Clean Cigarette. We are not just coworkers, we battled burning tobacco together, and all of us were customers first. So, we really get what you are going sun_familythrough.ย  It’s a family thing here at A Clean Cigarette. This post came from my heart in a way none of my other posts could have. Click Here to see what I mean.ย 

After that, things got interesting when we delved into the world of electronic cigarette explosions! We demonstrated how using the right chargers for your devices can make all the difference in the world. We also talked about understanding big vapor units, and the necessary safety precautions that should be taken before you decide to go with that type of nicotine delivery system. Click Here to see this very important post.

I felt that while we were talking about big vapor units it would be a good time to really go over the differences between different generations of e-cigs. We are a generation 1 Cig-a-Like product, but there are other generations out there. Here is the post, and here โ‡“ is a chart to help you understand the difference, because 1 size does not fit all.


Just after that post we briefly touched on the types of accessories A Clean Cigarette offers and why we offer what we do. We do not sell many things, so everything we do sell we sell for a reason. Check it out HERE.

We are different, but in this case, that is a good thing!

Another great post I was able to get out in July really goes over WHY we only offer a few things. It explains why we do not sell a ton of flavors or large tanker units. It really touched on how we are different, and how we are very okay with that.

Our next conversation was about all the events that A Clean Cigarette participates in. If you are interested in learning more or coming out to an event to meet me just Click Here to see our event calendar.

E-cig etiquette is something we talked about next. For a full list of Do’s and Dont’s Click Here. Remember a little respect goes a long way. I also had fun doing a little history on e-cigs. My first post on the subject (here) talked about how they came about, and the second post (here) gave a timeline of what I considered important electronic cigarette events.

This all may seem like a lot for only half a month, but we were not done yet! Next we did a 5 post series that let our customers, in their own words, walk us down the TOP 5 list of reasons that people make the switch. Doing the countdown was great. Here is a recap. If you would like to see what our customers had to say on each just click its number.

#5 – The cost of cigarettes is a definite reason to make the switch!

#4 – The smell is a nasty part of smoking burning tobacco that no one complains about missing ย  ย  once it is gone! Switching for this reason benefits the smoker and everyone around them!

#3 – Quality of life is not to be taken for granted. Living a long life is important, but the quality ofย ย  ย ย  that life is just as important.

#2 – Family and health may seem like 2 categories, but the truth is they often go hand in hand. Most often it’s our family that we are trying to improve our health for. We have things left to do. Although A Clean Cigarette offers no health benefits, not smoking burning tobacco is chalked full of them.

#1 –I don’t want to quit! Then don’t, just make the switch. Your future self will thank you for it!

maketheswThat was a lot of fun, and we are getting near the end of our July look back now. We did do one more post though, and it was a good one. The last post for July gave us an opportunity to CELEBRATE! What were we celebrating?ย  Nothing less then awesome that’s what. We had an opportunity to hear from a few customers that had not only made the switch off burning tobacco, they also made it off nicotine altogether! Yes that’s right, some of our best customers are no longer our customers! Go Here to see their inspiring testimonies!

Well that was it for A Clean Cigarette’s 1st month of blogs! I started this whole endeavor having no idea what I was doing, and to be fair I still barely know! I hope that July’s information proved to be useful yet entertaining, and I really hope you will stick with me into August and further! Thank you so much for being you, and if you have any questions or thoughts drop me an e-mail at or for more information on A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigarettes go to our web site Have an amazing night and a spectacular August!



The Team, each and every member of the our team has made the switch! We understand!
The Team, each and every member of the our team has made the switch! We understand!

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