A look back at the first half of July! What a month!

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Dawn here. 🙂 How is everyone doing today? I hope its been a good Friday for you all. Today happens to be this blogs 1 month birthday! 🙂  Wow, we have covered a lot this month! We started with an introduction of ourselves to you. It was a great way for us to tell you a little about who we are. Regular everyday people that made the switch, then got so passionate we came to work for an amazing company. If you want to read the whole write up Click Here. 

In “The truth behind TAR” post. We really had a chance to learn some valuable information on tar and its damaging effects.

After our introductions were complete we got right down to the nitty gritty facts of things with our “Ingredients” post. We saw first hand the difference between 4 ingredients and 600 ingredients. It is quite a difference. Think about the difference between apple juice with just apples and water and apple juice with an ingredients list 2 paragraphs long full of words you cannot pronounce.

The facts did not stop there though after the whats in it comparison we started talking about tar. With our “The truth about TAR” post we delved into how terrible tar really is.

Just after we talked about Tar was the 4th of July. We hope you and your families had an amazing holiday, and we remembered to honor the soldiers.

I really had a lot of fun with the next post. We went over how upgrading nicotine systems may be a scary change, but so were other historic changes that most of us are thankful for today. Things like cell phone vs. operator dash boards and  typewriters vs computers. I am sure glad for computers. You have all seen my typing, now imagine it with out spelling and grammar check! Click Here to read the post.

upgraded2.1The next 2 post brought exciting news from Lansing our state capitol for Michigan.  Really we had a lot of great things happen in Lansing during July. Big shout out to Scott Everett for all his hard work! Check out the podcast we had the opportunity to do with him HERE and the write up regarding what’s going on state level HERE.

With as amazing as our state news has been, and the information we have covered, our next post was pretty cool. Our very own Miss Tab’s from our Lapeer, Michigan store location sent in a very interesting video of lungs being blown up. First a healthy set then a tar ridden set, it’s pretty eye opening. Click here to check it out.

Our next post was also sent in by one of my amazing team mates. Ms. Tina from our Larch street Lansing, Michigan location showed up to be a guest blogger. We were blessed to have her for 2 separate blogs this month. First she told us a story about a customer of hers that she could not help. It’s really sad when someone comes in to make the switch but it is too late to do it. Click Here to see what I mean.  She also did a really good job on her article regarding how to clean up tar stink and stains after you have made the switch. Click Here for tips on how to do it.

Whats it inThe learning continued in our next information packed post about what Propylene Glycol (PG) really is. We hear so many horror stories about PG but the truth is its been considered GRAS ( Generally recognized as Safe) by the FDA for decades and is often used in medicines such as asthma inhalers. Click the picture to find out more information.

After that we went into the science behind A Clean Cigarette’s Cig-a-Like design. Many people want to know why we don’t go to the flavors and big devices that are so common in the vapor market. It’s pretty simple. So, if you want to do some easy reading on the subject Click Here.

One of the most exciting post of the month is when we announce our Clinical Trials. We are very proud to be hiring Sparrow Clinical Research Institute to do human clinical trials. Click Here to learn more!

Although, I try to be as informative as possible, we all need backup some times. So July brought a few posts to help you find information regarding electronic cigarettes online. Click Here to see quotes from the industry. Click Here to find out about what Doctors have to say and Click Here to see what studies are available about e-cigs. 

Wow that’s a lot of information and we are only really half way through the month of July! To keep it simple I will go over the rest of July’s look back in tomorrows post. I tend to run long winded as you may know so I am attempting to edit myself lol. If you have any questions drop me an email to AccAnswers@gmail.com Or check out our web site at acleancigarette.com. Thank you for joining me and thank you for being you!!



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