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Hello, Dawn joining you yet again today. Today we are going to do a small comparison. When ever a new industry comes around we see different groups with in that industry go different directions. Take Silicon Valley for instance. Through out the 70’s and 80’s multiple personal computer companies started up and started taking the world by storm. A few of those companies went the way of creating a ton of different products to take advantage of the gold rush that was happening in the PC world. All sorts of parts and pieces were sold to people that could be combined to create some of the 1st personal computers. One company decided to go a little different direction thanks to the brilliant yet arguably crazy mind of one Mr. Steve Jobs.

stevejobsIt is reported that Steve saw things a little different then most of his fellow PC counter parts. Which is pretty evident in the Apple Motto which is “Think Different”

When he envisioned Apple Computers he had one thing in mind. There is a great quote that sums up his thoughts. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  We agree. Steve chose to make only a few products but make them excellent and make them easy to use. He and Apple are credited with making technology so easy that every one can feel a bit like an IT tech. The Items and products Steve helped to create were simple, beautiful and with out need of modification. They just worked how they were suppose too. No need to add attachments or external cards or anything. Just plug and go.

It’s easy to see that with the success of Apple his ideas were good ones. That was not always evident though and it was very common for doubters and competitors to mock them for staying so basic and simple. (Important note: Apple is currently #1 in rankings, just saying)

apple-758334_640Another thing that was important to his plan was hiring only A team players for employees. Steve is famous for this quote “The only way to do great work is to do what you love”  Again, We can not help but agree!

So now lets recap and compare. How does A Clean Cigarette resemble the theories that Steve jobs was so famous for? How are we similar to Apple Phones .

What we know about Steve Jobs and the theories that helped him found Apple.

• Only produce a few, easy to use products. Don’t over complicate what should be simple.
• Do not worry about trying to mimic competition, do your own thing.
• Make the few products that you have HIGH Quality. If you are only doing a few, do them right.
• Only hire A Team Players. People who love what they do are just more passionate.
• Stay hungry, stay foolish

Let’s look at A Clean Cigarette now. How do we compare?

• Our Generations 1 Cig-a-Like products are simple to use, simplistic in design and simply beautiful.
• We constantly upgrade the tech on the inside without the need for our customers to replace or modify their electronic cigarette. Plug and go.
• Our quality is a huge source of pride for us. We are constantly making that quality better. If however, one of our products does not live up to the quality you expect from us we replace it for free no problems!
• We hire A team players. People who want to work here because they LOVE what they do. They are passionate and excited! They are definitely hungry and the foolish part is easy when you are having this much fun!
• We know that our competitors think we are nuts to stay so basic, so simple. But we know that our customers want basic and simple. Our customers are using this product as a nicotine delivery tool. Not a Vapor making device. They do not want huge clouds of vapor and massive gadgets to put together. They want nicotine. Simple.

simplisityThere are a lot of ways we are different than Apple and we in no way want to imply that Apple endorses us or has anything to do with us. That being said, what they did worked. The theories that they had are solid. Most important, Steve Jobs had a vision, he stayed focused. He fought hard, and played harder. We can definitely groove with that.

Well time for me to let you great people get on with your day. Remember, if you are looking for a nicotine delivery system that is simple, and easy to use we have you covered at A Clean Cigarette. If you have any questions or thoughts please contact me at  AccAnswers@gmail.com. I will get back to you ASAP!!  Thank you so much for being you!

And remember: Stay hungry, stay foolish!



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