Happy Friday! Let’s talk about the ACC Event Calendar.

CleanCigaretteLogo(13Hey all Dawn here! It’s finally Friday! For most people that signifies the end of the work week. For a Clean Cigarette we are just getting started! We want to spread the word about how amazing it is to make the switch all over the place. What better place to do it then in your back yard! Today I am going to post our event calendar for the remainder of 2015. This may be updated (most likely will be updated) from time to time between now and December. If there is an Event near you that you would like to see us participate in PLEASE let us know! We may not be able to make it, but if we do not know its going on, than we can not be there.  I am not adding July’s Events because we are almost done with this month. However, if you have some time swing on down to the car show being held on our very own state capitol lawn in Lansing Michigan tomorrow Saturday, July 25th 2015. I will be there and it should be a blast!


Let’s see what A Clean Cigarette is doing through out the remainder of the year!


Event Calendar


Event Calendarsept________________________________________________________________________

Event Calendar oct________________________________________________________________________

Event Calendar nov________________________________________________________________________

Event Calendar dec________________________________________________________________________

I am going to say goodbye and go enjoy my Friday! I hope yours is amazing! If you have questions contact me at AccAnswers@gmail.com and I hope to see you at the events! Scroll down to see a few pics of our tent and team at past events!





11401236_869982499706149_1585547680836337942_n IMG_2312

monkey aroundIMG_2641






Hi, it’s me Dawn! I am at most events and would LOVE a chance to meet you in person!! Join me and lets get our Switch on!

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