The truth behind e-cigarettes and explosions!

CleanCigaretteLogo(12Hey, guys!! Dawn again! So a few days back I posted a blog that was a series of poll questions. I figured if I took a moment to get your opinions on stuff I would be able to better create blog content that would be useful to YOU. So far I have to say, I am loving it! You are all amazing! the responses have been great and the info is really useful. For insistence, one of the questions asked what concerned people the most in regards to E-Cigarettes in general. I have received a ton of good responses, but a few were about something I really feel needs touched on. It seems with all the media coverage out there people are afraid to use E-Cigs because they are afraid that there is a chance they might explode.  We understand. There is not a single member of the A Clean Cigarette Team that would want to use a product that could explode in their homes, let alone on their face while using the product.

wrong chargerMost of us understand that whenever there is electricity involved there is a risk associated with it. Electrical fires happen even in the wiring of our homes and cars. There are things we can do to help reduce those risk. Such as, only using the correct device charger with any electronic device. Another good thing to do is check all electrical wires before use. Avoid using damaged or frayed wires that may lead to fires.  While the fire risk is not a good thing,  I don’t think that an electrical fire is what people are most worried about when it comes to E-cigarettes. I have seen the reports too.  Pictures like these ones here. ⇓ Where it appears units have straight out exploded!

partsUnfortunately, these pictures are true stories and although if you notice, most E-cigarette fires that are not typical charger type fires, are related to generation 2 or 3 devices. In case you have not had a chance to read my earlier blog on the different types of e-cigs, here is a chart to help you tell the difference. If you are interested in reading the blog post for a more detailed explanation just click the chart. 🙂

3sideBysideAs a general rule, much like generation 1 units,  generation 2 and 3 units are generally safe when used correctly. The major issue with that for some consumers is they simply do not know enough about these large units. Although an A Clean Cigarette brand generation 1 product is easy to use, with only two parts and all safety measures built right in, each Vape Unit can contain a variety of parts such as this example here. ⇓ And some units require you know ahead of time to buy the necessary safety parts and self-instal them into your unit.

parts_modThe best suggestion we have if you intend on using either generation 2 or 3 units, is to be sure you understand the device completely. Take care that the store you buy it at is knowledgeable and willing to help you the entire way. If the parts break or wear at all, replace them. We understand having to replace parts can be annoying and even expensive, but it is an absolute must to keep your units in good working order regardless of what generation you are using.

This is not a typical electrical fire type damage. This is a tank model vapor unit that exploded while in use.
This is not a typical electrical fire type damage. This is a tank model vapor unit that exploded while in use. Most injuries like this are preventable.

If you are using an A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarette then you are covered with a FULL 90 day guarantee.  From what we understand that is quite rare in this industry, so check with your supplier to be sure they will also stand behind their generation 2 and 3 products before purchasing. Good solid companies should.


So to recap: Here are the things you can do to help prevent E-Cigarette related fires.

• Always use the correct charger with any electrical device. Not all chargers are created equal! Not all chargers are safe to use with all devices!

• If you choose Generation 2 or 3 products with lots of parts. Take the time to make sure that you understand everything about your device.
• For all devices make sure the proper safety parts are installed. A Clean Cigarette brand comes with all safety features such as automatic charger shut off when the battery is full already internally set up. That is not always true with other brands and Vapor products. Some products require you self-install. Inquire with your supplier before use on necessary safety requirements.
• Do not use any electric charger or part that is showing signs of damage or wear.
• DO NOT SCREW AROUND WITH YOUR DEVICE AND ALTER IT TO DO SOMETHING IT WAS NOT DESIGNED TO DO! Adding extra batteries and extra power by “rigging” your devices, especially if you do not know exactly what you are doing, is just plain stupid.

Sorry about that last bullet point being so blunt, but I mean really? We have a report here that some overly bright human, blew a huge chunk of their hand off by hooking up a generation 1 Cig-a-Like product to a car battery…………………. That was not our brand but, Yes, if someone hooks our battery up to a power source like that you very well could blow it up. Why would you though??? If you want to tinker and rewire, grab a generation 3 modifiable product and start learning. We are just not that type of device.explode

Thank you so much for stopping in today! I really hope this was helpful! If you have any questions or would just like more information on A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes you can check out our website at or you can always contact me directly at



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