Eddie’s Rant

Dawn has been awesome at informing all of you on everything E-cig related. I’d like to go off topic for a bit and…well…rant.lol

The first light of dawn peaks over the tree tops as the world begins to wake. Birds are chirping, the sounds of engines and life can be heard in the distance. There’s a crispness in the air that brings with it a new day…already there is negativity adrift. Someone is cutting someone off, somebody is waking up late for work and takes their frustration out on the first person, object, or animal they see. As the day progresses we are met with stress, anxiety, deadlines, rejection, failure, and insult. By the time you arrive home you are irritable and exhausted. You continue to blame other stimuli for your current demeanor and ultimately bring everyone else down without realizing it. It results in another day that has whisked by without any importance or any positive impact. You sit in your chair and watch tv with increasing contempt in your soul because the people on tv are most likely better off than you are. You don’t say goodnight to anyone as you go to bed. You simply lay there, staring at the ceiling and waiting for the most peace you’ll have had in that day….only for it all to begin again when you wake…


If this is you then WHY?! Life should not be this way! Don’t you agree? Let me inform you, then, that all of it can be soooo much better. True happiness lies within you. A wealthy business man with a huge house and a nice car can be exponentially less happy then a poor man who only has a smile. It’s the reason why somebody who wins the lottery and has a poor mental attitude can lose it all and be back in their situation very quickly. Yay verily I say unto thee, the power to change your life and be truly happy lies within you.

Good and bad are merely perspective. It’s all on how you look at things. If you treat every occurrence as a gift and opportunity your path to happiness is endless. Remember in school when they told you, “If you get angry just stop, take a deep breathe, and count to ten…”? There was wisdom in that. It takes a lot of practice and even more will power, but facing every negative occurrence with that process then with the perspective that it is a gift and opportunity will open your mind leaps and bounds. Seriously try it the next time somebody says or does something or your immediate response to stimuli is judgement, fear, or woe is me. I find tension is held in the shoulders so I always consciously relax them first. That alone works wonders. Then smile. I don’t know why but smiling is amazingly therapeutic. It’s the only thing you can give someone for free and never run out of.

Whether you believe it or not there is an energy in every person. Other people subconsciously pick up on it too. If you’re a naturally negative person with a negative perspective it’s why negative things tend to follow you around! Vise versa, if you are naturally positive with a positive perspective it’s why positive things tend to follow you. This is proven science like gravity. All successful people know and practice this every minute of every day. There’s so much you could be learning to better yourself, but it all starts with you. Only YOU have the power to better your situation and your life. The best way to start is by reading books of people who have fruit on the tree. People who are in life where you want to be. Find a mentor. If you don’t know anyone personally then the books are a great way to learn. Now, you may be like my son and say, “But I hate reading!” I can’t relate with you. Reading was my escape when I was a child so why would I stop when I’m older. The only difference is is I changed my genre. From fictions about fantasy and horror to books about leadership, positive mental attitude and dream building. My life has drastically changed because of several things, but mainly from these books. Successful people read at least 10 new books a year. I read a new book about every week. If you’ve wondered, “Why am I not successful?” that may be the place to start. Some books to start would be:

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine
The Tripping Point in Leadership– Overcoming Organizational Apathy by David Byrd
Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz
And absolutely ANYTHING by Napoleon Hill, specifically, Think & Grow Rich and Power of a Positive Mental Attitude.

It’s simple. If you’re still doing the same things with the same perspective you were 5 years ago and haven’t gotten anywhere why would you think that in 5 years from now you’d be doing any better? That is the exact definition of insanity. Another thing I learned is that you will make as much money and have the same attitude as the 5 people you hang around the most. If you want to be a better person then hang around with better people. Period.

There are many other avenues to pursue along with reading. Seminars, conference weekends, videos, audio downloads…endless streams of success education! I listen to podcasts in the car everyday from people like Andy Stanley and the Addicted to Success podcasts. TedTalk videos are incredible! Look up John Maxwell or Simon Sinek. Their books and videos will give you a brain-afro as Cary Lee says. There’s so much education out there that could help you become a better version of yourself. It will increase your attitude, your productivity, your income and inevitably your overall happiness.

I could wax rhapsodic for days about the benefits of positive mental attitudes, but alas, this is where I leave you. Do your due diligence and start making better choices. Life begins outside of your comfort zone. You need action! Action precedes motivation. Action creates the energy you need to do things so STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND DO! There is no stagnation in nature; you are either growing or you’re dying. It’s your choice…


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