Here are some of the Scariest Anti-Smoking Ads in history! Woowa!


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So, I am sure all of you have seen the anti smoking ads on TV and the Internet. Some of these ads are really disturbing and very eye opening. Some are just plain off the wall, but, all of them make a good point. Smoking burning tobacco does horrendous things to your body.  Being an Ex-burning tobacco smoker means I understand that even with all this information the hold that nicotine has on us makes walking away from the burning tobacco very difficult. That’s why I am so passionate about A Clean Cigarette’s up-graded nicotine delivery systems. Why do I need to smoke Tar ridden burning tobacco in a world where we have options as far as nicotine delivery goes? It is time for us to take control back. Big Tobacco, Big Pharmacy and Big Corporation keep shoving more and more toxins into the current analog delivery methods. Enough is Enough!

Take a peek at these 4 video’s that we found on posted by the user “Helloimapizza” This four part series pretty much sums up the damage yo are doing with every single puff off a burning tobacco cigarette. The video’s are a bit hard to watch, but if you can not stomach the imagery of what a burning cigarette does, maybe you should consider NOT letting burning cigarettes do these things to you.

       Make the switch while you still can!

If after all this you are finally ready to make that switch, we are here to help. Click the picture below to easily reach our website!

Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing. -Mandy Hale
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