Sometimes it’s just too late. So very sad.


Hey all it’s Dawn here. Today I have something sent to me from Miss Tina at our Larch location in Lansing, Mi.

This is the incredible Ms. Tina and our very own Mr. Slim! They both are waiting to see you at our Lansing location which is located at : 2110 N. Larch Lansing MI, 48906 (517) 993-6650 Just Click the pic for more info!

       We here at A Clean Cigarette are incredibly blessed. We have the opportunity to go to work every day and change lives. More often then not, we get to celebrate with our customers as the make the switch. However, there are times when the effects of burning tobacco had already done too much damage for the switch. When Tina sent this to me; I just had to share it. I hope this story inspires someone out there to take action before it is too late. Whether that action is quitting burning tobacco or just making the switch, you need to take the 1st step.  Eventually you WILL quit smoking, whether you want to or not. Only then there will be no options available for nicotine delivery. If you know some one who is loosing the battle against burning tobacco PLEASE share this with them.

As always thank you for coming to the blog today, I will pass the page to Ms. Tina from here.



What Tina Sent me:  A Customers Story

One day when I was working a gentleman came in who had purchased a kit when our store had the “Quick Switch” program going. He said he had to return his kit because he couldn’t use it anymore, nothing was going to work for him. I asked him why. He told me that he got on the product because he had been diagnosed with COPD and he thought it would help him quit burning tobacco. It did! He gave up the tobacco cigarettes. But the COPD was already so bad that even breathing air from one environment to the other was causing constant trouble for him. His doctor said that he should stay inside as much as possible and not expose his lungs to the cold air .He told me he was too far advanced in his disease and every time he breathes he coughs and hacks. I refunded the kit for him and when he left, I felt so bad that we could not help him .He had waited too long to make the switch and was to the point of no return. So please, if you are having trouble breathing and suspect COPD. Put down those burning cigarettes, go to your doctor as soon as possible! And if you are having a hard time and want to make the switch, come visit A Clean Cigarette and see if we can help. Don’t wait until it’s too late! -WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! 


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