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The lungs video needed to be removed to the original posters accounts issues with YouTube. Instead, here are a few links to the rest of the blog that you may find interesting.

The links

Change is a good thing, it’s time to update to the 21st century!


The truth behind TAR.


What can parents say to their teens about youth vaping?


Nicotine: when is enough, enough


6.6 million lives


Tar, Ugly Deadly and not in e-cigarettes

And more links


My e-cigarette brand was discontinued?! What can I do?


Electronic cigarette research you should know about.


In-spite of the FDA: Research into electronic cigarettes continues to bring in good news


Now let’s hear from the real experts: Our Customers!


So, you’ve seen the testimonies and you have weighed the options. It’s time to make the switch!

Alright, we are done with the links. Not because there is not more information to link you to but because we think if you poke around you will find the info that will matter the most to you. Have a specific topic you want help with?

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